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How to Improve Performance


Remember the day where we tried to make our gas engines quicker. Installing CAMS, GEARS, SHIFT KITS, SUPERCHARGERS... well with diesel trucks you can achieve amazing gains by quite simply adding a tuner or programmer. Most newer trucks that have DPF (Dust Particulate Filters) require a tuner in order to bypass the DPF system and delete it. When it comes to Chevy and Dodge 2007 and up have this DPF system, however for Ford it started in 2008 with their 6.4 Twin Turbo Powerstroke.

Ever notice why newer trucks don't smoke like the older diesels use to! You can thank DPF system?.. But not too quick. These DPF system are the death of MPG on any truck. The DPF system is quite simple in design. The filter which is located in line on the exhaust system either before or after the Catalytic Converter collects all the soot in the exhaust...once it starts to get full it starts affecting MPG up to the point of RENGEN'ing. The regeneration process of these DPF is trigger by an internal sensor. Once it calls for REGEN the is 2 lines of fuel that feed from the engine back to the DPF where is releases 2-4 liters of fuel and ignites it at 600-800F Degrees. The result is one big puff of soot and smoke.

So to summarize; DPF's are bad news to the truck for gas mileage and performance. In summation, diesels truck have so much untapped potential for extra power and in addition even with the extra power having some amazing and astonishing mileage gains.