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How to Lift a Diesel or Gas Truck

What type of lift kits are available for gas or diesel trucks?

Leveling kit: When your truck rolls off the factory line, it typically had a rear end that's a couple of inches higher than its front end. Leveling kits are going to even out your rig, raising just the front end a couple of inches to become level with the rear end. Lift kits, on the other hand, are designed to lift the entire truck, leaving the rear still a couple of inches higher than the front. Considering some people do it just for the leveling purpose. It has become the most inexpensive way to lift your truck. Many do this for the cosmetic but also to accommodate bigger tires. Prices range from for leveling kits range from $600-900 Installed.


Suspension Lift Kit: A lift kit, although it gives you the same result as a leveling kit only higher, is much more labour intensive and expensive than a leveling kit. It changes many of the components of the trucks with newer more durable parts. Depending on the height of the lift kit you may or may not have to change the factory shocks. It is recommended to do so anyways but is efforts to save money many opt out . In the old days, clever truckers would fabricate all sorts of suspension parts to craft their own truck lift kits. The results weren't always successful or safe. But these days, leading kit makers actually get new trucks from the factory and design complete lift kits specific to them. Most lift kits are either 4" or 6". In order to go 8", 10" or even 12" you will require steering stabilizers and frame connectors which will add extra cost to your budget. That's another reason why finding a truck that has big tires and lift kit with a programmer can save you well over $10,000.00 in mods. Even if you have to replace a couple shock in a year or two. The cost is a mere fraction of what you would have spent. Being that these are the most popular kits are available for $1500-3000 plus installation and are readily available.


Full Mod Suspension w/ Frame Supports: Considered to be the EXTREME lift is a full mod that included steering stabilizers. The primary purpose of the steering stabilizer is exactly what it says stabilize the steering due to extreme increase in height of the truck that can change the steering characteristics of the truck. Many extreme truck lifts also require the installation of frame connectors or as some people refer to them as a frame supports or traction bars. The purpose of the frame connectors is to add rigidity to the truck with the added flex of the suspension will come added flex of the frame mainly in the off-road applications but also for on road drive ability. There is also dual front shock add-on kits to help soften the ride and increase shock durability. The kits will add another $1500.00. Many of these kits can range in the $5500-8000 range and beyond if they want adjustable air ride which allows you to go from 6" -12" however these system are in the $12,000 range.