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How to improve fuel economy on a Diesel truck

How to improve fuel economy on a Diesel truck.

1) FUEL ECONOMY-----Manufacturers claim that their trucks have to be de-tuned to pass the stringent federal or provincial emission laws. Despite these claims by adding a programmer you can effectively double your fuel mileage. As discussed below you can just add a PROGRAMMER and that will give you better Gas Mileage and Performance but to get "DOUBLE" the MPG other modification or considerations that have to be done.

  • 4 or 5" Exhaust (APPLIES TO ALL DIESEL TRUCK whether or not you have DPF or NOT)
  • DPF DELETE SYSTEMS (For the trucks that have them by simply buying and exhaust it will delete it of course. However some people just cut out the filter and install a replacement pipe about ½ the cost of the exhaust with half the gain)
  • EGR DELETE (Exhaust Gas Return) Removing these systems are more common on FORDs due to their problematic systems. Doesn't add MPG or Power but ensures better reliability.
  • Cold Air Intake (It does just as stated it will allow your truck to ingest more cold air)